After Akempucky had been in the marketplace for about 7 years, an email came in one day with the title “You won’t believe what I use this stuff for.” It was from Albert Lee, a Master Racquet Technician who had just returned from a major world tennis championship competition in Europe. In the racquet stringing process there is a step where an awl is used to open up grommets. The awl needs to be lubricated for this process. As is turns out, Akempucky worked better than any lubricant he or his colleagues had previously tried for this delicate operation.

And, there is a twist to this saga. As it turns out, the version of Akempucky that Albert was using was one that had been reformulated so that it could be packaged in a lip balm tube. (It had to be all cosmetic-grade or food-grade because the factory where it was going to be packaged was FDA regulated). This version was not well received by our customers and had mechanical problems with the twist-up function of the tube (though you didn’t need to twist it up to use it, lots of folks thought it should and complained about it). So this version is now sold exclusively for racquet stringing through:

Grand Slam Stringers                1-540-772-4418
(exclusive world-wide distributor for the racquet stringer’s version of Akempucky)