Lloyd was a carpenter, inventor, millwright, miner, artist, fisherman, story teller, conservator of Earth, and all around human being. He lived to the grand old age of 90. He invented many useful items through the years, but always preferred to make his living working with his hands rather than marketing his creations.

For his art, he liked wood the best. His favorite tool for this was his pocket knife. He insisted this work be called "whittling" rather than carving. He frequently said that the world needed more whittlers and fewer chiselers. To see a few of his hundreds of whittling works click here.

It was Lloyd’s son, a product development engineer, who worked out the manufacturing and packaging of Akempucky for general distribution. Lloyd was still alive then and had a number of very helpful suggestions through this process. After looking through one of the woodworking magazines that carried the first advertising of it, Lloyd commented: "Boy, they have a lot more useless stuff than Akempucky for sale out there."